Meet Our Pastor

Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Ken Dillingham

Pastor & Sis Dillingham
The Dillingham family moved to the Dayton area in June of 2002 for the purpose of establishing a thriving revival church. With nineteen members in their first meeting in the basement of a charter member’s home, the church saw its numbers quadruple in the first six months and continue to steadily grow.

The previous 12 years of ministry had been filled with traversing the country instructing and inspiring churches to grow in Apostolic Revival. The heartbeat of Pastor Dillingham’s ministry is revival and renewal. the Lifeway Pentecostals has been built on this message.

Pastor Dillingham is a believer in the Apostolic message. Apostolic anointing, and the power of an Apostolic Church. With first century A.D. principles and 21st century A.D. style, he has brought cutting-edge church growth concepts to Lifeway.

When asked what his driving motivation was, he replied: “The world hasn’t seen the most powerful church yet, human ears have not heard the most compelling sermon yet, and America is in dire need of both… so I’ve decided to meet the challenge, or die trying. Nothing short of wholesale devotion to the cause will do in these last days.

Pastor Ken Dillingham is currently the Ohio District Home Mission Director. He and his wife Stephanie have four children, Kaylen, Kyle, Audrey, and Avery.