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Set up automatic, recurring contributions

View your complete online giving history

After you click Donate, you will need to create a profile.

You can then schedule your one-time or recurring contributions



Text Donation

After you’ve created a profile, opt in to send text donations. You will receive a confirmation text and email with instructions on how to text donations.

TEXT WHOLE DOLLARS ONLY (3 Is $3.00 and 100 is $100.00)

In addition to the instructions you will receive you can type the type of donation after your PIN you can simply type one of the following to specify a type of donation. Only these types can be sent via Text: Tithes, Offering, Building, Missions, Revival, and Compassion.

A sample of text when donating $10 to Tithes would be:
(The xxxx are your personal 4 digit code that was assigned to you when you registered online)
Send To “21456”
”Give 10 xxxx Tithes”