Day 4 – Seek Ye First



Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Today, people make very calculated moves. Rarely is anything ever done without a reason, or even a plan to ensure that the choices we are making are the correct ones. Seeking God first before we look at logical options requires a relationship with God. We have cares in this world, and Jesus said that if we trust in Him first and seek His ways, then all these things would be added unto us.

Stephanie and I moved to Dayton after we sought the will of God, but before we fully understood how the move would make sense financially. I had a job lined up, but it wasn’t anything special. Just three months after we moved, I was laid off from that job – this definitely didn’t make financial sense. Although these circumstances were discouraging and directly contradicted our faith-based move, we still fully believed that God directed our decision. We met with Bro. Dillingham and he confirmed to us that we were exactly where we needed to be and that God would take care of us.

Over the next several years and through various trials, we continued to seek God first before making any moves and He faithfully took care of the rest, just like the scripture says. God provided jobs and God provided the financial well-being, but most importantly we learned the voice of God. Life has continuously thrown us curve balls, but through it all it has been the voice of God that has given us confidence that things would work out.

Expect More Questions

Do you seek God before looking at all of your options? Are you confident enough in your relationship with God to hear His voice and respond?

Expect More Prayer

Lord, help me to seek you before anything else. You know the end from the beginning in every part of my life and world. Help me to learn your voice, and give me the confidence to move when you say move and know that you are in control no matter my situation. I want to expect more of Your will in my life.

Aaron Thornton

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