Day 3 – God Will Not Be Outdone



Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

Years ago while stationed in Germany as a young Sergeant, God showed us that there is no way He will be outdone. We were fairly new in living for God and had only been attending church for a couple years. We had three children under the age of three and were literally living pay check to pay check, often finding more time left in the pay period than money in the checkbook. Teri, even back then, was a very thrifty and creative homemaker and made sure there was always something we could eat. One particular pay period we were faced with a dilemma, we could either pay tithes and have a grand total of $30 to buy food and gas for two weeks, or not pay tithes and be able to live comfortably. Knowing that the Bible warned about robbing God, we chose to pay tithes and trust that God would make a way.

There was another young couple, John and Debbie, who had just started attending church. Teri and Debbie were talking and Debbie shared that they only had $40 to last the two weeks and she did not know what to do. Rather than say “You think you have it bad, we only have $30 and you only have one baby, I have three,” God impressed Teri to invite the couple over for Dinner after the Sunday service. Our Pastor at the time was single so we invited him over too. With one 9” x 11” pan of lasagna and a salad, all five adults and three children ate until we were full and we still had enough left over to feed our family another meal. Not only can God multiply bread and fishes, He multiplied lasagna for us.

That in itself would be enough of a miracle for God to show He will never be outdone. The next week we received a knock at the door and when we opened the door a couple from the church was standing there. They were getting ready to leave Germany to come back to the states and mistakenly bought more food than they could use up and wanted to give it to us. Four paper bags of food and a full cooler of meats and other frozen goods filled our freezer.

God WILL NOT be outdone. Whenever we have been in a situation where we are struggling, we have learned not to look inward but to be obedient to God and look outward. He will take care of us if we are obedient to him.

Expect More Questions

How has God shown Himself strong on your behalf in the past and do you focus on life’s struggles or trust that God has it all in control? Are you open for God to show you other’s needs and are you willing to do your best to meet them?

Expect More Prayer

God, I thank you for being faithful in every aspect of my life. Thank you for showing me that you are faithful to carry me through anything. Help me to live a selfless life so I will not be so focused on my problems that I am not open to others. God help me to be Your hands and feet to those I come in contact with knowing that whatever you ask me to do, I will never outdo You. God, just as You are expecting more from me, we know we can expect more from you because You will never be outdone.